Welcome to my portfolio! I am a candidate for an M.S. in Computer Science at UMass Amherst, concentrating in Data Science. Throughout my undergraduate studies in Industrial Engineering, I was introduced to the intersections between computer programming and statistics, which led me to realize that data science was a perfect amalgamation my interests. Other than working and studying, I spend my time baking, pouring latte art, traveling, and playing the piano. I am also the planning team director for a new hackathon being hosted at UMass! In my career, I hope to use statistics, computer science, and optimization to make a more efficient world.


10 Methods of Inclusive Machine Learning

Let's start with a hypothetical: Recruiters at a company examine thousands of resumes for a single job. The company implements a machine learning algorithm that ranks candidates' resumes based on current employee's resumes. What's wrong with this situation? Flashing forward 1 year...

Hackathon Organizing & Community Building: a Q&A with Katie House, HackHer413 Director

We sit down with Katie House, the director of HackHer413 2019, to learn about her experience with organizing a hackathon and the impact it had on her community. Join us as Katie shares her tips and tricks...

Grad Student Applies Data Science to Combat Gun Violence

Katie House, a College of Information and Computer Sciences (CICS) master's student, has been concerned about the issue of gun violence since she was a child. She is also passionate about data science, and at TechTogether Boston, Boston's largest all-female and non-binary hackathon, she had the opportunity to merge the two.




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I am graduating December of 2019 and am interested in full time opportunities starting January 2020. I hope to enhance my skills in data science, analytics, visualization, web development, or a related field.

I look forward to hearing from you!